7個職位招聘中Trufflin & Funk 松露意苑
Trufflin & Funk 松露意苑

是保定一家現代、且具備意大利和西方特色的餐廳酒吧。 A modern contemporary, yet tweaked Italian-Western restaurant & bar in Baoding.

The word “Trufflin” can be used in multiple contexts and for its derivation from "Truffle". As it is held in high esteem in Italy and French as well as in international haute cuisine, it also reflects the outstandigness of “Truffle” as ingredient itself and as well synonymous of creativity, recipes, arts, and craftsmanship.

Trufflin & Funk提供一種社區的感覺,家庭共享的概念,朋友們圍坐在一張桌子旁,每個人都可以分享和品嘗不同口味的食物飲料。

Trufflin & Funk provides a community feel, the concept of family share and friends gathered around a table, with food & beverages for everyone to share and taste different flavors.